Project Title KEEP-ON
Project Acronym Supporting school teachers to prevent dropout of migrant students
Programme Erasmus+
Key Action KA2-Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
Action Strategic Partnerships for school education

KEEP ON project aims at enhancing the professional development of school educators and teachers, equipping them with innovative approaches and methodologies to manage Cultural Diversity in order to prevent dropout of migrants and ethnic minorities, as well as refugees and asylum seekers.

The project shall integrate methodologies and approaches aimed to empower young migrants and ethnic minorities in self related concepts like control, self-monitoring, self-efficacy and social identity and build strategies to cope with “negative” social identity and the influence of group membership on self-evaluation.

The project will also apply innovative pedagogies, like Dialogic learning (learning that takes place through dialogue) and Peer learning, to help pupils to play an active role in the teaching-learning process and build intercultural settings in classrooms.

KEEP ON will integrate this innovative aspect in all the contents and products designed and elaborated during the project, including:

  • The Online Digital Database of good practices and resources in Drop Out prevention of migrant students (IO.1).
  • The Training Curriculum on Drop Out prevention of migrant students in School Education (IO2).
  • The KEEP ON Pedagogical Handbook (IO3), with new approaches and innovative pedagogical methodologies to prevent Drop Out of migrant students in School Education.
  • The KEEP ON Professional Toolbox for School teachers on Drop Out prevention of migrant students (IO4), based on the approaches and pedagogical methodologies of the Handbook.

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