Capacity Building Training event in Heraklion, Greece

Capacity building session for train-the-trainers. This training activity was aimed at train the partners’ staff on the methodologies developed during the project, in order to transfer and apply this knowledge during the pilot trials with the target groups.
The central content of this capacity building were the methodologies, activities, dynamics and resources contained on the Professional Toolbox (O.4).
KEEP ON Professional Toolbox is going to be the main instrument to apply and to assess during the pilot trials.

The Capacity Building Training event of the project was held in Heraklion, Crete, Greece, from February 12 to February 16.

In titles:

  • Presentation, discussion and feedback of the final versions of O2 (Training Curriculum), O3 (Pedagogical Handbook) and O4 (Professional Toolbox)
  • Capacity Building (staff training activity)
  • Pilot training of a group of educators on O3 (Pedagogical Handbook) and O4 (Professional Toolbox) in order to practice on the material produced and to implement the proposed methodologies, before proceeding with formal pilot training in each national country
  • Planning for the application and administrative issues regarding the Piloting Sessions and multiplier events
  • Visits to the 16th Primary School of Heraklion and the Evening High School of Heraklion, exchanging workshop with teachers of the school about their aspect of early school leaving of migrant students, their approaches and their experience in the field
  • Dissemination activities and Administrative issues

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